30 Radios Purchased For St Anne’s Hospital Palliative Care Unit

Our club recently received a request for 30 am/fm/cd radios from the St Anne’s Hospital for their new Palliative Care Unit. Thanks to the generosity of donations from our members, friends and families, we are able to purchase the required radios (plus some extra) from Best Buy (who rallied to the cause by giving us 32% discount on the price of the radios and paying for the shipping costs from Vancouver to Pointe Claire).

“Our Rotary club received a touching request for 30 AM/FM/CD player radios on August 8, this year from Tania Shand, for the newly created Ste. Anne’s Hospital Palliative Care Unit. As president, I then sent the notice to our membership, and within 36 hours we had received commitments for 46 radios.”

The donation was reported in the West Island Blog Community News, and can be seen at the following URL:

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