30 Radios Purchased For St Anne’s Hospital Palliative Care Unit

Our club recently received a request for 30 am/fm/cd radios from the St Anne’s Hospital for their new Palliative Care Unit. Thanks to the generosity of donations from our members, friends and families, we are able to purchase the required radios (plus some extra) from Best Buy (who rallied to the cause by giving us 32% discount on the price of the radios and paying for the shipping costs from Vancouver to Pointe Claire).

“Our Rotary club received a touching request for 30 AM/FM/CD player radios on August 8, this year from Tania Shand, for the newly created Ste. Anne’s Hospital Palliative Care Unit. As president, I then sent the notice to our membership, and within 36 hours we had received commitments for 46 radios.”

The donation was reported in the West Island Blog Community News, and can be seen at the following URL:

Serving Meals At The Old Brewery Mission

Our Club recently participated in the “Supper Experience” at Old Brewery Mission, serving over 700 meals to some of Montreal’s homeless men and women. The Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore and the Baie d’Urfé Rescue Squad also offered a combined donation to support their cause.

Rotary Club Of Montreal-Lakeshore at Old Brewery Mission
Presentation to Old Brewery Mission after serving over 700 meals to the homeless.

Donation to West Island Palliative Care Residence

Our Club recently made a donation to the West Island Palliative Care Residence, with whom we have a long-standing relationship. This palliative care facility is located on André Brunet Street in Kirkland.

In thanking us for our donation, Debbie Elvidge (Volunteer Program Manager) said:

“The government pays about one-third of our operating costs. They pay for the doctors and nurses. But the other two-thirds are raised privately, including donations from wonderful organizations like your Rotary Club. We, too, are happy to be among the many organizations that you support. Thank you very much.”

West Island Palliative Care Residence
Photo from http://residencesoinspalliatifs.com/

Donation to La Corde Youth Centre of Montreal Youth Unlimited

Asmick Jean-Jacques, Director of the La Corde Youth Centre of Montreal Youth Unlimited, was recently invited to our Club to accept a donation. Brenda from the Community Committee said:

“We support the Youth Unlimited La Corde Centre. We collect socks for the children who come to the centre and we also give a donation for kids to go to summer camp. My committee and I feel very strongly about the good work that they do in the community: children come to the centre for a hot breakfast, they come for a hot lunch, and they come after school for help with their homework.” 

The kids helped by La Corde come from about 60 different nationalities and speak over 50 different languages. La Corde Centre also operates an in-house summer camp.

Photo taken from

Asmick Jean-Jacques (Director of La Corde) thanked our Rotary Club for helping them care for the kids:

 “We know that your Rotary club helps a lot of organizations and we are happy to be counted among them, so thank you for supporting the work we do in the community.”

Izzy Dolls Donated to HPIC

A Club Member (and her mother!) recently knitted these Izzy Dolls for HPIC (Health Partners International of Canada). This organisation sends them with humanitarian medical kits around the world to places in need. The dolls are given to children in these areas, and is sometimes a child’s first toy!


Donation of Bed Linen To Cheshire Homes

Club Members recently presented a donation of new comforters and bed linen to the residents of Cheshire Homes Quebec. These were purchased as a result of a very successful fun and friendship afternoon held by Maureen and Lawrence.

The photos show some of the residents with their gifts.

For more information on Cheshire Foundation Quebec, please visithttp://www.westislandphysicallydisabled.ca