Amcal Montreal-Lakeshore Rotary Club Leadership Award

The Youth Committee asked Victoria Marcoux (last year’s winner of the Amcal Montreal-Lakeshore Rotary Club Leadership Award) to share with us some thoughts on her life this past year since winning the award.

Amcal Leadership Award
Amcal Leadership Award Recent Winners

Victoria said:

“Since then I’ve graduated from high school, which was a very big step for me. Like many of the teams who go through Amcal, a lot of adults don’t know if we’re going to graduate because you’re in a place in your life that you don’t know where you’re going to go, where you’re going to end up in a month, let alone a year.”

“And now it has been a year, almost to the day, since I received the Leadership Award and I’m still so very grateful. When people hear that I received this award, they’re surprised because they didn’t necessarily expect it of me. I still work with the veterans. I’m still in Air Cadets. I still do a lot of work with teenagers and I still do volunteer work.”


Scholarship Awarded To Chantay Rose

Our Club recently presented a $500 scholarship to Chantay Rose, who was selected by the West Island Black Community Association. WITCA was represented by Chairperson Kemba Mitchell and Treasurer Joan Lee at a recent meeting.
Chantay told us she is a graduate of the Social Science program at Vanier College and a future John Abbott College student of the Information and Library Technologies Program.
“I want to share my appreciation of the Rotary club and to accept the Rotary Club Scholarship Award. What amazes me about the Rotary club is that you support the worldwide community, providing medical assistance, schools, educational aid, including scholarships, clean water and sanitation. You also believe that promoting world peace and understanding is very important. The Rotary club also donates money to help organizations that help others less fortunate in the community. I also believe in promoting these values in my community. To conclude I want to thank God, my family and friends and the Rotary Club for helping me follow my dreams for the future. It’s a great honour to be chosen to receive this Rotary scholarship award and I look forward to the opportunity to share my skills and ideas with the Rotary Club in the future. Thank you.”

Scholarship Awarded To WIBCA

Our Club’s Youth Committee is awarding a $500 scholarship to WIBCA, The West Island Black Community Association. The scholarship can be used for either CEGEP or University.

One of the requirements is that the student who receives this scholarship must, in turn, provide a service to the community, by tutoring at Riverdale High School in the evenings or on Saturday or tutoring elementary school pupils.