About Us

The Rotary club of Montreal-Lakeshore was first Chartered on February 27th, 1961 with Keith Dancy as the first Charter President.

Montreal-Lakeshore Charter

Since it’s founding the club has had a proud tradition of involvement not only in the International Efforts of the greater Rotary Organization but also in helping support many of local charities and organizations in the Montreal both through fundraising and active involvement in volunteering.

Why “The Rose Club”?

In 1967, six years after the founding of the Montreal-Lakeshore club the current President Jack G. McIntyre sat bolt upright in his bed at 4 in the morning. He woke his wife and said to her “I’ve got an idea for Canada’s Centenial!”. Despite his wife telling him to go back to sleep, he had been inspired. Jack however was not one to sit on an idea but rather a man of action. Jack first went to Montreal-Lakeshore Rotary club to gain support for this idea and they agreed to help him in this process. He then approached the Canadian Centenary Council with his idea and it was accepted. After narrowing down the field to 3 possible roses each type was planted in 27 different communities throughout Canada. A Canada wide vote on the Canadian Centennial Rose was held and an orange-coral bloom was chosen.

A Centennial Rose had been selected, however the work did not end there. A non-profit organization was formed to own the trademark for this new rose. It was planted throughout Canada and appeared on all sorts of goods from bone china to paper napkins. All these efforts generated significant funds for the non-profit estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those funds were all donated to organizations which provided support and research on behalf of the intellectually disabled. For his actions Jack was even presented to Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II and the moniker of The Rose club was proudly adopted by the Montreal-Lakeshore Rotary club ever since.

You can read more about this proud moment in our history in the Aug 1967 copy of The Rotarian.

The Order of the Rose

Upholding it’s proud tradition of being called The Rose Club the Montreal-Lakeshore Rotary club decided in 2009 to form the Order of the Rose. This award was an acknowledgement of members who have gone above and beyond in their contributions both to this club and to the charities we support. Past Order of the Rose recipients include:

  • Knud Petersen
  • Wayne Belvedere
  • Stan Frost
  • William Hodges
  • Coos de Vries
  • Susan Diening
  • Anne Myles
  • Fran Hepworth
  • Graham Martin
  • Lawrence Cantril
  • Maureen Cantrill
  • Cameron Sherry
  • Kelly-Anne Frendo

In addition to the Order of the Rose members The Rose Club has provided a notable number of district governors from it’s past presidents, a complete list of which can be found in the document below.